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“Almost” by James – FitW Winner!

Congratulations, James!

You are the winner of the Fachucha is the Word: DPL Poetry Contest.

▇ ▇ ▇

James Jackson


From a distance approaching, I see the green bright;
A familiar yet haunting expression of light.
The yellow is welcomed, though brief in its presence,
I draw close to the gleam and grim incandescence.
My guess is forgotten, my hunch is amiss.
To pass through successfully is, to me, bliss.
Closer now still and my hope is so high
That it crashed into birds as they flew to pass by.
Now yellow it turns and I increase in speed.
Have I taken too much in commutable greed?
There’s no turning back now, the red steals my peace,
Along with the siren of witness police.

Our last writing prompt was: “Write a poem where you run a red light.”  To view the next writing prompt selected by our winner James, visit the contest page