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We have a tie! -FitW Winners!

Congratulations, Ryan & Michael!

We have a two-way tie! There is no real need to break it, so, BOTH of you are the next winners of the Fachucha is the Word: DPL Poetry Contest!

This also makes Ryan a two-time winner and puts him on a two-win winning streak. Wooohoo!

Without further ado:

▇ ▇ ▇  

Ryan Lencki


As a kid I’d walk to the dock
drop gummy bears down to the fish
and wait for the fisherman.
Smile pass reality and wait,
I’d wait.
After a while it was too heavy,
the walk was long and reward little.
It wasn’t much just a walk past expectations and towards acceptance.
The fisherman never came but I used to wait.


▇ ▇ ▇  

Michael M.


I watched the white water assault the mossy rocks,
Jagged agendas hidden in millions of murky
And my adrenaline stalled my steps
Soaking up this summer
On its dying day
And I stood tall, a practiced pose of menace
And because it seemed to suit my stance
I slipped my hands into faded jean pockets
And felt the candy melting
Against palms too stubborn to read
And the signs said this trail
Held a great fire risk
This summer

Our last writing prompt was: “Write a poem about a childhood experience, incorporate candy.” To view the next writing prompt, visit the contest page at: