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“Real/Perfect In LA” by Kuya Paul– FitW Winner!

“Real/Perfect In LA” by Kuya Paul– FitW Winner!

Congratulations, Kuya Paul!

You are the next winner of the Fachucha is the Word: DPL Poetry Contest!

Kuya Paul Abesamis

Real/Perfect In LA

You can hear it
Echo down Normandie
Sending shockwaves down Beverly
A scintillating clarity
Of peace
Of hands outstretched to help grandmas over bridges
Or tip bus drivers for good directions
To tourists
Hollywood boulevard heroes
And the kids that believe it so
Passing by roach coaches with new gimmicks
Taco trucks with Korean bbq
Grilled cheese loaded with grease
Ice cream and crepes for heaven sakes!
Stretching highways far and wide
Two pairs of wheels
Or two All-Star kicks
Will make you feel
The asphalt and bricks
Of a divine kingdom
Lavanderias are peasant areas
Mariachis sing sweet arias
Towering monuments of human creation
The mighty citadel
A daunting caravel
And you, the warrior of steel
BMX be your trusted steed
Against concrete evil
You’re sight-seeing, night-living, thrill seeking
In the comfort of two-decker, park-hopper, life-guarded
Gardens by Glens
Horse-drawn imaginations, twirling
A menagerie in the city, growling
The symphony of the stars, astounding
The theater of the hearts, resounding
Trips down lanes of memories
Littered and glistening, like our galaxy
No wonder that wooden boulevard is called “Holy”
And, still, pathways to the west
Mount Sinai rest like an altar to wellness
The shore bring you more
As the Sunsets
Boulevards to the Manifest
Sea to shining sea
That’s the true destiny
Not a land litter with peace
But the struggle of the PCH
Bargains found in downtown alleyways
Chinatown imports
Everyone’s efforts
Equilibrium found in equal habitation
The struggle is real
The myth is Utopia
But created by nostalgia
Manifested through insomnia
Given birth when finding worth
In sweat-filled t-shirts
Docker blue pantaloons
Uniformed for 9-5s
Transforming families, changing lives
Through “minimum-wage” purses
“Under-the-table” wallets
CD hustling hustlers, bustling to bust-a-rhyme
Bustin’ verses must be sublime
All this, to me, is my
Great city


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