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“Tomorrow” by Isabella– FitW Winner!

Congratulations, Isabella!

You are the next winner of the Fachucha is the Word: DPL Poetry Contest!

Isabella Lee


Tomorrow things will be different,
The weather won’t be
dark and gloomy for once,
But instead
the sun shining,
Grey clouds
wind will be blowing some
sweet fresh air
We can maybe even go to the beach
ad play in the waves

Tomorrow things will be different,
My hair,
which is always a
will work with me
for once
So this time
I can put it down and
let it fall around my face
Giving me that sweet soft face
that would make me look like
my kind and beautiful grandma when she was
my age

Tomorrow things will be different,
The kids at school
will stop teasing me and realize
I’m cool
They’ll make me their
friends and even their
We can push out Jennifer
And this time
she’ll be the one
eating lunch in the bathroom and
realize what it feels like
to get picked and bullied

Tomorrow things will be different,
Momma will stop drinking
and maybe even be
And daddy
will think twice
of where he puts his
the next time
And maybe
Even maybe
Little Jackson
will finally
wake up from that
deep sleep he’s been in

Tomorrow things will be
But it isn’t tomorrow
So I have to
Until tomorrow
comes and makes things


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