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We Kickoff Semis 2016

We Kickoff Semis 2016

It was such a dope, DOPE night – then again, isn’t every night at DPL? Yesterday was the first of two semifinal bouts to make it to finals and eventually, the five coveted spots on the DPL slam team that will compete at the National Poetry Slam in Decatur, GA in August. The poets who competed last night were Aman, Yesika, Portia, Kito, Bird, and Danielle. These poets qualified in either of the prior six qualifying bouts and each gave all of themselves on the Greenway stage to be one of the top 3 that go on to finals (along with the top 3 from the next week’s semi).

What makes DPL slams exciting is the random pair-up of two qualified poets to write and perform a group piece for the second round of competition. To our knowledge, this is not being done anywhere else. 

Poets usually have about a month to work on their group poems and perform them as a cohesive unit. Not only was it exciting to see their individual poems shine, but is was incredibly dope to see poets with different writing styles come together and perform their shared piece. 

After three rounds, the poets that advanced to Finals were: Yesika, Kito, and Aman. Congratulations, and good luck going forward!

And as a special treat last night, our host Shihan brought all the poets on stage after the competition and forced them to do a cypher… which was HIGHLY entertaining. 

And always remember that for slam, the points are not the point – the poetry is. Those who did not advance are necessary and loved voices.