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About Us

Da Poetry Lounge is a poetry venue at the Greenway Court Theatre, Los Angeles. We have been in operation since 1998.

The ultimate goal of DPL is to create a communal space for people to be heard. We celebrate poetry in all forms, and welcome all those who are courageous enough to share their stories or are willing to support others that do.

Not only the largest running open mic venue in America, welcoming an average of 250+ audiences per week, DPL reaches beyond its weekly open mic to inspire the world.


At Da Poetry Lounge we provide a lively, welcoming space, both physical and virtual, to foster and share our common experience through spoken word, literacy, and fellowship.


Our vision is to elevate and integrate spoken word as a means to connect individuals across communities for the purpose of discovery, learning, self-reflection, and expression.

Specific Purposes

The purpose of this non-profit corporation is to advance spoken word, literacy, and fellowship, more specifically our purpose is to:

  • develop and encourage self-expression through the skills of writing, listening, and performing
  • foster creativity and community by hosting a weekly and public open mic venue
  • build public and charitable partnerships for the advancement of spoken word art
  • create and implement educational, spoken word programs by finding and nurturing liaisons in K-12 and higher education
  • facilitate personal and professional development in spoken word through workshops, productions, performances, networking, and festivals