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Goes by the name of Fish. Born in Ethiopia (and delivered by a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Dr. Catherine Hamlin), grew up in Japan and Kenya, and traveled a lot in between. Full-time graduate working on dual master’s degrees. Pet peeve is when people answer a question with a question. Pastrami sandwich ELITIST. Loves playing soccer and rugby and reading books on World War II and astronomy.


“WITHOUT MOTHERLOVING QUESTION my favorite moment at DPL was meeting Prince. Yes Prince, the Purple One.
“Long story short, a singer by the name of Andy Allo used to come to DPL to showcase her songs. Fast forward, she ended up being discovered by Prince at a gig and toured with him. She is currently an accomplished singer in her own right. She texted me one day saying she wanted to bring a guest to DPL. I said of course, what you need. She asked if we had a secluded seating area. I said yeah, upstairs in the soundbooth. I asked why, and she said she was bringing Prince. OBVI I was excited but kept my cool (over text). We hashed out details and she said she would call.
“Day of, I only told the DPL founders and Natalie just so they can be there that night. Didn’t want to make a big scene. I get the text, Black SUV rolls through in the back of the theatre and out hopped Andy and Prince… that’s it. I thought I was expecting an entourage… but nope! it was just them two.

“I shook Prince’s hand and told him welcome, gave Andy a hug and introduced him to the rest of the founders… then I led him to his seating area. He was such a respectful, humble dude. Our DJ and founder, Gimel, tried to contain his excitement. He told him, ‘Man your music was the soundtrack to my life!!’ At which point, Prince responded, ‘Mine too.’  At this point we ensured the audience was already seated in the theatre and closed the aisle curtains. The night went on. Audience members did not know The Purple One was seated right above them the whole night. It wasn’t until Prince left that Shihan was like yeah Prince was seated up there. Audience looking at each other at huh who is he talking about…not that they didn’t know who he was, but they were in denial that THAT Prince was there. Nothing can top that moment…as of yet. Unless Kendrick was to stop by and drop a piece? I’d lose my shit.”