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Dual processor. Panda Express enthusiast. Tardy-patron nemesis. Believer in things remaining where he leaves them – AKA, where they should be. Anti: pen ink smear, power seats, and the turn up. Lover of diction. Liver an ode to old fashions. Heart, a podium for good people speech – so says Jason Mars.


We have many homes, and DPL was the first true home for my writing. Not my math, not my Mexican, not my first-generation, not my care for diction, not my recurring rewrites, not my high school essays (which I crafted with much care), but yet, so, too, all of it.


  • Fixing Mark Maza’s flat tire in the parking lot
  • Yesika’s first performance of Translation
  • Jason making me late for dinner so that he can buy Can’Dase sunflowers before midnight
  • Hosting a DPL Holiday party, everyone in ugly sweaters
  • Mayda; making the Lounge dance