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When is the open mic?

We have an open mic every Tuesday night except for the third Tuesday of the month. On third Tuesdays we have a poetry slam.

When should I get in line?

People start lining up around 7:15-7:30 PM.

Is there an age limit?

Nope. DPL is open to all ages.

Can I make a group reservation?

If your group has 15 or more people, we can arrange for you all to sit on stage. There is no group discount on the cost of admission. Make sure to Contact Us for more details.

Where do I park?

Parking is free. The entrance to the parking lot is at Clinton Street and Fairfax Avenue:

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Do you have a bar?

Da Poetry Lounge is alcohol-free. The theatre is on Fairfax High School property. There is no food or drink (except water) allowed in the theatre.



Is there a time limit?

Yes, there is. You have 3 minutes.

Do you accommodate singers/musicians/dancers/comedians?

Yes, as much as we can during open mic nights. You got 3 minutes.

I want to feature. How can I feature?

If you are interested in featuring, then Contact Us with your contact information, bio, and some links to your recent work (videos, writings, music, or a portfolio). If we decide to feature you, you will receive a response letting you know.

Can I do a group piece?

Yes. Groups pieces are awesome. The 3-minute rule still applies.

Do poems have to be memorized?

You don’t have to memorize your poems. You can read off paper/tablet/cellphone/napkin/hand, whatever you prefer.

Who do I talk to to get on the mic?

We use signup lists. So find the signup list (usually on stage at the mic) to signup. Remember, each show half has its own signup list.

Can you get me up? I’m from out of town/It’s my birthday/It’s my first time.

Get in line early to signup, and we’ll try.



Can I book DPL poets at my event?

Yes! Email your request for booking via the Contact Us form. Please include the following pertinent information:

1) what kind of event you are planning
2) the date & location of the event
3) the number of guests your are expecting
4) a performance start & end time