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In collaboration with Spoken Literature Art Movement, we bring you an ONLINE Workshop series to keep those pens moving!

Space is limited. First come, first served. Until further notice, half of the proceeds from all S.L.A.M. workshops will be donated to individuals and communities greatly impacted by COVID-19.

How To Register

  1. Find a scheduled workshop in the workshops calendar.  Read its details for pertinent information.
  2. Contact Alyesha Wise-Hernandez at <> for availability.

There are no upcoming events.

Zoom House Rules


  1. Test your mic and camera before joining.
  2. You will be in a waiting room and muted when you first arrive. Give the host a few minutes to bring you in.
  3. We suggest using Speaker or Thumbnail view so that the speaker is prominently displayed.


  1. Turn on your camera if you can. Talking to blank screens is no fun.
  2. Do use the chat feature–emojis, cheering, let’s go, go in poet, snaps, etc.
  3. No online trolling. Be kind in the comments.
  4. Don’t be visually distracting
    • Is your wardrobe appropriate?
    • Is your background appropriate?
  5. No drugs/alcohol on camera
  6. No screenshots/screen sharing
  7. Be patient and considerate. We are all learning how to make this work together.