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We Are DPL.

Da Poetry Lounge is a poetry venue at the Greenway Court Theatre, Los Angeles. We have been in operation since 1998. 

The ultimate goal of DPL is to create a communal space for people to be heard. We celebrate poetry in all forms, and welcome all those who are courageous enough to share their stories or are willing to support others that do.

Come visit us next Tuesday and be part of what has become the largest weekly open mic in America.


2 months ago
Question of the night, part 2:
Who are the Black artists that you are inspired by?
2 months ago
Raii and Whitney teaching us some new dance moves! 💃🏾
Are you following along?
2 months ago
"Just be yourself cause somebody needs you.
Just be yourself cause they're waiting for you."
-Raii & Whitney @RAIIandWhitney


Da Poetry Lounge
Da Poetry Lounge5 months ago

It’s FEEL GOOD FRIDAY! Closing us out this month is Poetic Moment

“Smiling is something i never do enough of but when i do, i hear the heavens take a sigh of relief. what’s kept me near joy these last few...

Next Event

April 13, 2021
  • Open Mic 1 day from now. Starts @ 9:00 PM.